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I hate all kinds of bullying, cyber, real, police fishing for a target that doesn't deserve it, or even things like copyright laws and lawyers bullying people because people don't really know copyright laws (some fan art artists or youtube people get in trouble when they actually have done nothing wrong but are unaware they have actually done nothing wrong when accused).  I don't like the attitude adults have that kids "need" it so they get tougher.  I don't like when people say, "When I was a kid..bla bla bla we used to fight it out at the playground and that was it.  Kids these days are pussies, as is America being pussified."  If that was the case, adults can just punch other adults.  Oh wait, adults will report that as assault.  Convenient.  Now you have to live through children beating up each other to make yourselves feel better.  And no, they didn't just "fight it out on the playground."  People around the age of 30 or more like myself annoy me to no end with their "when I was a kid" speeches because it wasn't that different 15 years ago.  30 is too young to give the "back in my day" speech.  And saying that only makes you sound old.  Intentionally.  When you're not.  It's pretentious.  Even older people than that didn't just fight each other to stop bullying.  Some might have.  Some might today.  But some older people still "took it all" when they were younger without fighting.  Or if they did try they might have got it worse. 

The attitude of confronting the bully just doesn't work generally.  Sometimes, yes it can.  But it's typically not like the movies where the nerd finally snaps and punches the big bully and suddenly gets the hot girl.  In real life if the nerd finally snaps and punches the bully do you really think he will just let it slide and let the nerd get the hot girl?  No way.  The bully will retaliate and beat the shit out of nerd for what he just did.  And the hot girl still wouldn't want anything to do with nerd, anyway.  Because teens are still developing and haven't yet learned that their popularity doesn't matter after high school.  Yes, sometimes you CAN stick up for yourself and that is good.  Making the bully be bullied is awesome.  But SO many things aren't considered by people who say that.  Some just can't physically and mentally get tougher.  There are also other psychological factors that CAN'T be "fixed" by being bullied.  That only makes them worse or "weaker."  Introverted people or people with low self esteem typically don't like confronting or talking to people.  Beating them up won't "fix that" (and despite what movies incorrectly think and wrongly portray, introverted people don't need "fixed" by the outgoing people, nor are they always clumsy with glasses [see how they portray it wrongly?]).  Or there is literally nothing some can do. 

Think of elementary and high school.  It's becoming more accepted today, thankfully, but kids and teens are literally the cruelest people.  So there is probably still that one gay student the whole school knows about and gangs up on (because kids are ass holes).  I also remember being even younger.  Lice and AIDS meant basically the same thing to a second grader even though no one really knew what they were and there was always that one student who was poor and had "that look" (and you couldn't touch them or you'd get lice AIDS too).  What they hell are the gay high schooler or AIDS child supposed to do?  Fight the whole school on the playground?  That will solve it?  That will make people stop acting like they'll die if they accidentally touch them?  What about when I was in kindergarten and a pack of fourth graders kept stealing my glasses on the bus?  Was I just to fight these outnumbering large giants twice my age?  I'd have won?  No.  The adults you're supposed to "tell" reluctantly informed them to stop, but I was still terrified to wait in the gym bus lines (because I might be near them), get on the bus, or walk by them in the halls.  Thanks for attempting to try to tell the bus driver who couldn't have cared less, mom, but I still was forced to go to that zoo of pissing contesting kids marking their territories.  And I didn't even have it bad, really.  I mean, true, I remember  the main kid's name and would know him if I saw him today.  And true, he is probably the reason I hate freckly, pasty, blazing orange haired males today (just kidding..kind of).  But I didn't have it bad.  I basically was almost always the tallest and biggest kid after that and just uninteresting for most bullies.  I got lucky.  Imagine those who got it every day and feared to face people because of not trusting anyone.  Because they feared the environment.  Because they knew no one could help them.  But by all means, keep sending them to schools like that to make them more scared.  Make fun of homeschooling and not know what you're talking about.  Because typical school is SO important, isn't it?  Send them to a place where "telling a teacher" you're being bullied does little more than jack shit (because they basically aren't allowed to do anything).  Have those schools prep them for their lives by aligning order and dividing social classes even at that age (something homeschooling and unschooling doesn't do).  No really, they totally divide kids and guide them into their "places" for later life, some getting much more limits than others, usually depending on their parents' wealth.  For some reason I was always in the top division in my elementary classes.  I have no idea why.  I was very mediocre with grades and from just average wealth.

But, really, just shut the hell up, insecure males who feel emasculated because some people don't like the idea of bigger stronger people cowardly picking on those who are weaker.  Bla bla ba, back in your day..  Go out and pick on some adult in the mall, then.  See if your "That's what's wrong with America today" defense goes over with them after they call the police.  This country and each generation was not different.  If "The Greatest Generation" from World War II had the internet and twitter they'd have posted tweets (as people always have on some kind of public notice boards).  But speaking of The Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers, they had to be drafted in order to fight in wars.  Today's American youth all join the military voluntarily.  THAT military.  The one that claims it's the best in the world.  There's a hole in the pussified entitled (also sick of the word "entitled") American youth logic, eh?  Take that for whatever it means.


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